On St. George’s Day April 23rd 2019

Ring for England - St. George's Day: April 23rd - 6pm Ring for England - St. George's Day: April 23rd - 6pm Ring for England - St. George's Day: April 23rd - 6pm Ring for England - St. George's Day: April 23rd - 6pm Ring for England - St. George's Day: April 23rd - 6pm Ring for England - St. George's Day: April 23rd - 6pm

The cathedral of Sussex CHICHESTER will be ringing

The newly created South Downs National Park has much to boast of including its city of Chichester that has Roman foundations with its famous Fishbourne Palace near by. Its cathedral dedicated to The Holy Trinity was founded in 1075 and has a spire that can be seen out at sea.  On a still day the 8 bells can be heard for miles around and they will be ringing out for St. George on Tuesday.

Cathedral from Bishop's Palace Gardens By kind permission of The Dean

The Music of Bells

The sounds of change ringing are called ‘methods’ and these have historic and venerable names.  Amongst them are many dedicated to St. George such as a St. George Delight Minor, or a St. George Cathedral Surprise Minor.  Near Weston super Mare is a village called Kewstoke and there, the ringers in their church dedicated to St. Paul  will ring out on their 6 bells  ‘four variations of St. George’s Doubles’ on April 23rd.



More ST. GEORGE’s churches join in

Near the city of Bristol in northern Somerset is Easton in Gordano with its church of 6 bells, and near the north coast also in Somerset is Bicknoller and this has 5 bells and both of these will be ringing loud and clear for their St. George.  In Kent there is Benenden, famous for its school, that has a tremendous ring of 10 bells and this too will be ringing out on April 23rd.

The City of SHEFFIELD will hear a Peal on April 23rd!

From out of this great city have come a rich array of famous sportsmen and women and very soon they will be joined by a band of bell ringers.  Why?  Because they have volunteered to celebrate St. George by ringing out a peal which is the playing of a series of methods non stop for three hours.  A marathon effort.  The 13 tremendous bells of the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul will ring out reminding the citizens that it is their Patron Saint’s Day and should fly the flag and have fun.


The only St. George’s church in Nottinghamshire

It holds a special place in the county as it is the only one dedicated to our Patron Saint which has bells hung for full circle ringing and can be found south of the city in a village called Barton in Fabis. Such is the importance given to the day by the ringers to ensure they are able to ring they have had to import ringers from outlaying towers thus ensuring it will give a resounding ring on its six bells at 6 o’clock on April 23rd.

Many of England’s Bishops are supporting the campaign

The Archbishop of York feels it is important we celebrate St. George’s Day properly and the Bishop of London wishes it will be even more joyful in its third year helping to ensure our Patron Saint is not forgotten.  Together with the Deans of so many of our cathedrals the nation’s Bishops are also generously encouraging their ringers to take part and celebrate St. George.



The Community Spirit is alive and well.

In the quiet countryside of Herefordshire there is a small community of hamlets where there live a mere two hundred souls in about a hundred dwellings, and a caravan.  Standing in the midst of this community is a much cherished church, St. Nicholas, where not only the building but also the tower required a huge amount of work. Undaunted by the enormity of the task the people joined together raising considerable sums of money and brought the fabric of the church and its tower back to life.  But what was the point of a tower which couldn’t ring so then they had to start all over again to find another huge fund for  a new bell frame, a new Jubilee bell and the return and rehanging of the existing five bells. What an astonishing achievement and it now stands fully restored in this special village of Norton Canon and is ready to ring out for St. George.