Get Ringing for England on St. George’s Day April 23rd at 6pm


What is the Campaign?

We want to get the 44,000 bell ringers to ring the 208,000 bells in the 12,000 churches ringing in England, all at exactly the same time, at 6pm on St. George’s Day, England’s Day, April 23rd … imagine what the 50,000,000 people in England would think of such an incredible sound.

Who will be ringing?

There will be people from all walks of life, all ages, even teenagers, who will be ringing out of every corner of the entire country.  They will ring from towers that might have only one bell or some that have a stupendous 13.  In small parish churches, from Priories, Abbeys, Universities, Minsters, Cathedrals and even a Castle.  They will be ringing ‘methods’ from the genre Change Ringing.  There will even be some exceptional bands who will try and ring a peal which is an astonishing feat of ringing non-stop for three whole hours.

And the date? 

It is April 23rd.  Why? Because that was when St. George was martyred, his death decreed by Diocletian for refusing to give up Christianity.  He was a brave young man and very worthy of being hailed a Patron Saint.  He shares this date with that of another well known Englishman – William Shakespeare.  So the aim of the Campaign is to get all 44,000 ringers across the Nation to ring out and make the country proud of her Patron Saint and to make it a national celebration every year.  Every community in the country has a bell tower near them and anyone can learn to ring no matter what age so if you want to get involved we would love to hear from you so please contact us at: www.ringingforengland.co.uk   Even if you are not a ringer its a day for celebration, to have fun, to fly the flag, and enjoy yourselves.  We wish you a Happy St. George’s Day!