On St. George’s Day April 23rd 2019

Ring for England - St. George's Day: April 23rd - 6pm Ring for England - St. George's Day: April 23rd - 6pm Ring for England - St. George's Day: April 23rd - 6pm Ring for England - St. George's Day: April 23rd - 6pm Ring for England - St. George's Day: April 23rd - 6pm Ring for England - St. George's Day: April 23rd - 6pm

Thank You All Ringers across England making ST.GEORGE’S DAY a Success

The sound of bells rang out across ENGLAND as part of the celebrations for ST.GEORGES’S DAY.  It was greeted with delight by so many and coverage of events by Regional Radio Stations and local newspapers with interviews are testament to the growing interest of a wider audience. There were towers that had ‘open day’ at some cities that proved very popular with the public. Then there was the challenge of  the ‘Rolling Ring’ where an entire Branch rolled out a ribbon of ringing across their area from early in the day to the early evening.  This was taken up by ten branches across the country and at the end of the day all declaring it a success and some even saying it was the best day’s ringing they had ever had.  All ages rang including Primary School children in West Sussex. From our magnificent cathedrals to delightful village churches.  What a day, what a day for ‘change ringing’ and long may it last.  THANK YOU ALL

St George's Day 2016


ESSEX Ringers reunited for ST.GEORGE’S DAY making it an extra special day.

In 1996, two ringers Roy Threadgold and Jenny now Hastings who at that time both lived in WETHERSFIELD in Essex were part of a band that rang their first peal on St. George’s Day at FINCHINGFIELD also in Essex.  50 years on the two ringers have been united to celebrate another ST.GEORGE’S DAY this time not only at Finchingfield but also Wethersfield and BRAINTREE. Here is the delightful village of Finchingfield with the church in the background where they were joined by others who all helped them celebrate this re union by ringing together on the same day – St. George’s Day 2016.


Another tower ASHCHURCH rang for Tewkesbury’s ‘Rolling Ring’ on Saturday

One of the many towers that joined in the Tewkesbury Branch ‘Rolling Ring’ challenge ringing out for ST.GEORGE’S DAY was the tower in the village of ASHCHURCH in Gloucestershire.  It was a great day of celebrations as not only the 8 bells of St. Nicholas rang out but the St. George’s Day was rounded off by a supper held in the village hall.  The ringing band are seen below.

Ashchurch 1



The tower in RIPPLE rang out as part of the Glocs ‘Rolling Ring’ on Saturday

The village of RIPPLE though strictly speaking in Worcestershire rings with the bells of TEWKESBURY and its church – St. Mary joined in the ‘Rolling Ring’ with its 6 bells. It is considered to be the largest medieval church in Worcestershire and was deemed by Simon Jenkins to be one of the 1000 best churches in England.  Below is the band that rang out from this tower and they obviously had a great day with every age having a go.


N. Glouc’s TEWKESBURY rang for ST.GEORGE in a ‘Rolling Ring’


Throughout the day last Saturday the TEWKESBURY Branch rang across Northern Gloucestershire as part of getting England ringing for ST.GEORGE’S Day and what a success the day became.  It started in the morning at TEWKESBURY ABBEY and spread out right across the countryside. This magnificent building is the second largest parish church in England and has the largest Norman tower in existence housing the 13 bells, a suitable starting point for this special ringing challenge.  The ribbon of ringing rang on into the early hours of the evening but all declared it a successful day. And here are the happy band.

Abbey outside cropped


Bells rang in DERBYSHIRE as part of the ‘Rolling Ring’ challenge for ST.GEORGE

The Southern Branch of the DERBYSHIRE Association took up the challenge of the ‘Rolling Ring’ and a ribbon of ringing around their part of the county rang out as all the towers took part.  It was a great day with the ringers delighted at such an achievement and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Here is a great photo of the church of St. Michael & All Angels in STANTON BY DALE whose 8 bells took part in the morning session.


‘Open Day’ Tower Success in OXFORD on ST.GEORGE’S DAY

The well known church in Oxford of ST.GILES was open for the public to come in and learn more about the skills and history of  ‘change ringing’.  It was just a morning session but a most successful one with the 8 bells put to good use and with ringers on hand to encourage the public and to get them to try their hand at the ropes.  The project caught the eye of the local Oxford Mail who sent a reporter and photographer who were delighted with the whole idea and experience which resulted in happy photos the next day.  Well done to the organiser John Pusey and all the ringers.



HANDBELL Ringers join the Campaign for ST.GEORGE’S DAY

This was the first year that the Handbell Ringers of GB joined the Campaign to help get England ringing for ST.GEORGES’S DAY.  There were three concerts held across the country : In Hagley in Worcestershire, Thaxted in Essex, and Great Ryburgh in Norfolk  where they performed together with other musicians. They also used the 400th Anniversary of William Shakespeare to add to the evening’s entertainment by quoting his plays or setting his work to music.  They all received interest from both BBC Regional Radio shows and local newspapers which was excellent.

HANDBELLS - Blackpool


‘OPEN DAY’ tower in SALISBURY a Great SUCCESS for St. George’s Day

An EXCELLENT day in the centre of the city of SALISBURY as St. Thomas’ church opened its tower to the public as part of the celebrations to get England ringing on ST.GEORGE’S DAY.  On Saturday this lovely church with its 8 bells played host to the public with a morning session and another in the afternoon. The public streamed in full of interest and enthusiasm so that by the end of the day after 57 people of all ages tried their hands at the ropes there were high hopes of recruiting new ringers.  The day  caught the attention of the local media and received some well deserved coverage.

SALISBURY - St. Thomas's